Well its time to close this site out, I’ve poured my heart and life into truth in the trenches to serve my Master, and point others to Christ.  But try as I might, this blog has been an utter failure, as has the last in a decade and a half. There are others making the case, and doing a better job, and I am lousy at both networking and marketing, and I have a wife to consider.

I apologize to those I may disappoint, but having so few readers for so much effort just isn’t an efficient use of time.  Unless God provides something unexpected, truth in the trenches will not be updated any longer.

Farwell and God bless.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. You have not failed. I have enjoyed your balanced & mature perspective. This is a very sad thing & a great disappointment to me to see you leave off your blog. Wished it weren’t so. Sigh….

    Blessings & His Love to you & your Family,

    Georgetown, KY

    • Davy,

      I’ve rethought this through, as per my new post, I’m going to take a sabbatical, and I will back. But I need a little time.

      • Awesome. But, I trust the leading of Holy Spirit in your decision. Blessings during the Sabbatical & I pray for clarity between you & Him, that the desires of your heart are aptly fulfilled. I pray rest for you, in Him. 🙂 !!

  2. Thanks for your hard work. I do not know why you say your efforts have been an utter failure? Is it in terms of traffic or comments? God bless.

    • Sorry to take time to answer, the short answer is both, and the fact that a number of family members don’t read this blog. If it were merely a matter of an unpopular message, that would be one thing, but the problem is that a lot of other apologetics blogs are doing rather well. Part of this was some self doubt after a paper I wrote was turned down for a journal in rather harsh terms, although in retrospect, I’m not sure that I was wrong.

      I’m an analyst by nature, but while I’m sting in analyzing the points, I’m not a great marketeer. The question, then,is how to make truth in the Trenches something that honors my king.

      • Though, you are answering another commentator, I have always thought of your blog was well written, well expressed and clear (and, I might add, very accurate). Our posts did invoke thought. The depth of detail & analysis you provided is necessary in today’s world & I still miss your perspective. No one understands all truth. We all see only in part. I feel certain, therefore, we need your part as much as the other apologetics groups. Reminds me of the widow’s half-penny that Jesus said, once was placed in the offering, no matter how small it was, we very large in His Kingdom, despite the rich religious rulers and others who out-out gave her. Still, His will be done. And, we submit to your desires for your own blog. What else could be done anyway?


      • As I noted, I will be coming back, but I’m trying to figure a few things out, including how to include blogging, school, secular work, doing some articles for journals (hopefully) and family.

      • Understood. Thanks.

        By the way, that sentence I wrote, got the “Y” left out: Should have read, “Your posts did invoke…” 😉

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