Insanity, Thy Name is America

The state of Texas, considered by some to be the bastion of classical liberalism and traditional family values, has indicted two persons from the Center for Medical Progress with a felony count of altering government documents and one, David Daleidan, for a misdemeanor count of attempting to buy human tissue.

I could note that there is a serious problem in our society when buying the remnants of murdered babies is considered a less serious offense than forging a driver’s license, nor with the apparently missed irony that, if David Daleidan was attempting to buy human tissue, this indicates that Planned Parenthood must be selling human tissue (a transaction, after all, requires two parties); nor will I discuss the role of journalists in society. There are long standing debates about what methods are legitimate for journalists to gather information and these are perennial fights about which I will not speak, other than to ask the rhetorical question of whether there is a selective enforcement of policies on this regard.

What is important is that the charges specify that the videos were deliberately altered to cause harm to Planned Parenthood– I find this to be a difficult assertion to defend, particularly since the Center for Medical Progress released extended transcripts of those videos, and unless they can demonstrate that Daleidan has cut and pasted entire sentences together, the editing charge should be dismissed as fiction.

So if the videos aren’t altered, why bother with these nonsense charges? Why do we see Planned Parenthood getting away with their crimes against God and man? Why is Texas indicting the whistleblowers? The answer, perhaps is the conscience, the reminder in a civilized society that dismisses God that some actions are unjust. Planned Parenthood provides a society intent on sacrificing its children to the false gods of convenience and prosperity with the convenient fiction that these aren’t children, they are only globs of tissue. The purpose of this fiction is to quiet the conscience, at least to an extent, by not thinking about how heinous abortion really is; it is a refuge from the God whose existence they deny.

The Center for Medical Progress, and those who protest abortion with pictures of unborn babies have the audacity and the unmitigated temerity to rip that convenient fiction away from the eyes of the willingly deluded, it exposes the secret shame of America’s sin, and we cannot bear the sight of the mirror to which they expose us. Within the new confines of our emerging culture, this audacity must be punished, and the offenders destroyed.


The truth is that we live in a declining society, and as believers, we can’t be blind to these realities. Romans 1 describes societal decline, and noting among other things the great violence societies can embrace (Rom 1:28-32). We blithely hear talk about progressives opposing intolerance on the one hand, and instituting speech codes on university campus to eliminate any discussion of a difference of opinion from theirs; they are constantly repudiating racism while embracing the ideology and names of racists like Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson. They claim we have progressed from the fifties, but ignore our rising murder rate and the new holocaust happening in women’s centers every day in our nation. This is simply moral insanity, a society that has rejected rationality in their rejection of God.


As Christians we have to be prepared to expose truth, answer objections and perhaps be ready to pay the consequences. Jesus noted we needed to count the cost of discipleship, and perhaps David Daleidan is an example of what that cost might come to entail.

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