A quick short Word from the East

I will mention no names and no places, but I had the opportunity today to meet with a pastor of a church in the Middle East along with a group of other Baptist men. His message involved concern over the west, stating explicitly “Arabs are the most radical muslims,” and he fears that the incoming flood of Muslims into Europe will substantially change the demographics, culture and religion of the West, this seems a very odd concern for a man from the Middle East, but then it also makes a great deal of sense. As Christians in the West, we are the “big brother” to the Christians who are in more difficult places.


We asked several questions, among them, it was mentioned there are few Muslims coming to Christ, but among those who do, visions and dreams about Christ are usually responsible for the conversion; this matches something I have seen elsewhere (see the aforementioned Quebeeli Nashi’s Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus for an example). He also mentioned that the approach to apologetics that “works” in discussions with Muslims tends to be the discussion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We laid hands and prayed for this dear brother in the Lord. These are two of his three prayer requests I will relay.


  1. Pray for the Christmas season for those in the Middle East; Christians in the Middle East are more likely to be targeted at Christmas time by Muslims.
  2. Pray for wisdom for Christians in the middle east dealing with Refugees. Some merely seek connections to the west, money or food.

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