Slavery, Planned Parenthood and the Conscience

One of the recent trends in the study of American history is the recognition that slavery and racism are not uniquely “southern issues.” In the years before the War Between the States, Northern industrial interests had a clear pattern of profiting from Slavery. Northern industrial interests were built on textiles, primarily by weaving cloth from Southern cotton. Similarly, the questions of race riots in the North during the production of the second-world war or the involvement of the Klu Klux Clan in Northern states (most notedly in Indiana, before the trial of D C Stephenson). Yet, in the north there was a desire for respectability. They chose to let the South do the “dirty work,” while they spoke of Social Darwinism in glowing terms that were disconnected from the horrible reality underneath it. This of course does not excuse slavery in the South, it merely demonstrates that very human tendency to protect the conscience by hiding our baser natures from ourselves.

A similar story is being told today by the Center for Medical progress. The Planned Parenthood video releases are continuing to move forward, but sadly, as usually happens in Washington these days, not much good is coming from it. Whether it is because their role in funding political campaigns, a fear of a moderate and liberal constituency, or sheer principles for the right to murder children, the senate remains at best, deadlocked. And while the videos being release by the center for medical progress are strong evidence that Planned Parenthood’s behavior is unethical, sadly few people are actually questioning whether supporting planned parenthood is right, or ethical.

But why? The videos clearly demonstrate what Planned Parenthood is doing, and while I will not focus on the legality of the enterprise (since I am not a lawyer), it is clear that the practice is unethical. The murder of innocent human beings, even if it is in order to provide medical treatment for others, is not justified. In this sense, they parrot Dr Joseph Mengela (the Nazi Doctor who performed experiments at the Nazi Internment camps) who used the same basic argument: if they are going to die, we should at least make sure science benefits.

In the last video, a Stem Express video admitted that lab technicians did not want the body parts provided intact; they reacted as human beings whose conscience has not been completely cauterized – they of course know that the samples they are working with come from babies murdered in abortion mills, but they do not want to be reminded of that fact.

And this is where America as a nation is today. Planned Parenthood, and other organizations like Planned Parenthood do the unthinkable in the name of convenience, they then use their expertise to create a “product” from those they murdered, and they then provide cover from a society that wants to profit, but without being faced with the details of the crime. The real reason why the center for Medical progress is being attacked so vigorously is because they are ultimately stripping away the anonymity, as the stark euphemisms are exposed.

This is why political solutions will ultimately fail. While American citizens may want to protect the appearances of righteousness against the harassments of conscience that does not mean the heart’s desire is clear. Rather than politics, we need to recognize the spiritual battle in which we find ourselves. Ultimately, what America needs is not moralism or moral education; we are not a Christian nation that has lost its way. We need as a country to have a heart transplant. By all means, continue to expose Planned Parenthood for what it is, hope the pricks of conscience will be something used by God. Yet, as believers, we know that this is not enough. but as believers, we need to go forward not only with facts, but also with Prayer. God is the God of the heart, we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and therefore while this story is in the news, brothers and sisters, let us remember to pray.

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