My Wife’s favorite word.

As I noted last week, Truth in the Trenches is now more than two years old. It’s a small ministry, but one that my heart is in fully.

In celebrating, we’re using my wife’s favorite word: Free!

Last week I released the kindle version of my conclusions in the area where I first stated apologetics. This week, for the next four days my second Kindle Publication, The Tragedy of Compromise will be free. The tragedy of compromise is different. This is a collection of my first thoughts on the YEC/Theistic Evolution debate within the Church. Intelligent design has led a number of people to embrace theistic evolution, I believe that is a mistake.

The Tragedy of Compromise is my apology to the Christian community for the YEC position. It is why the YEC position is both most consistent with the faith.

And did I mention you can get it here for free.

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