Its Truth in the Trenches Birthday tomorrow – and I’m giving away the gifts.

On March 4, 2007 the Discovery Channel released a film called, The Jesus Family Tomb. What no one knew at the time was that they were also launching what would eventually be Truth in the Trenches.

I watched the documentary in horror – the facts and scholarship represented were extremely poor (one central point, the uniqueness of the name Josie was something I had disproven in a few minutes). But the work was well produced with solid marketing and excellent storytelling (something I admit to not being very good at myself, but we do what we can).  I completed a quick bit of research, put together a packet and sent it to a number of friends.

A lot has happened since now and then, we’ve faced tragedy and I had nearly dropped out on life. Then, our pastor preached a series called Down but not Out, and I started this blog.

Why go over the history lesson, because I first registered on August 6th 2013, and released a sermon on August 17th (The Rational basis of Christianity). In honor of this blog’s purpose, I’m giving away our kindle booklet, Da Vinchi, the Templars and the Jesus Family Tomb free starting tomorrow, August Sixth for five days. You can find it for any kindle powered device!

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