An Open Letter from a Christian to the Homosexual Community

In America over the years, as we gather over the dinner tables for holidays, we often have relatives with vastly different political views, that older republican uncle who sits by the young, enthusiastic Democrat. We know inherently at these times that a person’s partisan affiliations tells us little about their motives, and at most one’s political opinions hold only a two dimensional picture of a three dimensional person. The left for a time proclaimed, “the political is personal,” and this appeals greatly to youthful zeal, then we grow up.

I don’t assume all homosexuals and lesbians are the wild activists who attacked the Hamilton Square Baptist church in the 90’s, nor should one assume, as many do, that Christians are candidates for membership in the Westboro Baptist church.

The reality is, member of the homosexual community we love you. Perhaps that makes little sense, we live in a world where love is often misunderstood – this is demonstrated even in the thought that we can “fall into” or “out” of love. We have bought the weak,anemic Hollywood view of the word. Love is not attraction, it is not an emotion – love may have elements of all of these, but they are incidental elements. Love is a devotion to the object, with a willingness to sacrifice oneself for what is best for the object. Love then, cannot be a false approval – a father does not love his son when he finds drugs in the boy’s dresser and lets it be. His love is expressed in his fierce determination to protect his son from himself. You might object and say this is not a fair comparison, but then, I unapologetically draw my moral code from Scripture.

As Christians, we believe that you are hurting yourself, that your lifestyle separates you from God. We believe, therefore that if we offer acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, it will harm you. You may very well disagree with us – the great thing about America is that we all have the right to form our own opinions on religious and moral matters, but understand our motives are not hatred of you, but love for your most essential self, your soul.

The truth of the matter is that in the modern 24 hour news cycle, the headlines matter more than the text. When Christians discuss sin, it doesn’t mean homosexuals are in greater danger of hell than anyone else. This is the point the Bible makes of sin; the point of the Bible’s moral discussions is that it demonstrates our guilt, that we might seek a Savior.

Many people might immediately ask why a reasonably intelligent person in the modern world would believe in something as “antiquated” as Christianity. While I could note the history of the faith and its value to Western Civilization or the testimony of the Holy Spirit, I would say it ultimately comes down to the resurrection of Christ.

In the coming months there will be a lot of discussions about the first amendment. These are important, I will not discuss it here, but many of us view the SCOTUS decision as an establishment of religion. Yet this is not rhetoric directed at you, but towards government.

My hope, and my prayers for you are that God will work in your heart, to lead you to Himself. There is help and healing in Him. I realize, you may have been burned by church or by some Christians in the past (but then, so have I), but I would ask only this, before you Criticize Christians, perhaps it would be wise to learn a thing or three about the faith first, and I hope, perhaps you will do so with an open heart towards the God who would save you, if you will only come to faith in Him.

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