Responding to the Imperial Court

I heard the news of today’s same sex marriage decision today on my way out the door.  This is sad news, but not unexpected.  Romans 1 predicts this decline in man.

This will lead to persecution.  They will go after Christians in the wedding industry first, then universities and other businesses, and finally churches.  They will of course deny this today, with a, mocking sneer.  They also said with the same mocking sneer that gay marriage would not lead to bakers being sued or fined either, I don’t believe them anymore now than I did then.

I will write more on this on both Truth in the Trenches and from life to Life when I get home tonight. A WordPress app is not a great writing tool. 

Governor Huckabee has captured my sentiments, but refighting the last battle is not possible.  We need to start with the lawyers, to build what barriers we can to protect our institutions – Offering Incense to thr Emperor is not an option.  Secondarily, we need to make sure our statements are clear. We will be likened to Westboro Baptist Church in the press, best not to give them ammunition. 

Weep and pray for your country, but outrage in private. 

Then, put your war face on, this may be a lost battle and a lost front, but only for a moment.  I’ve read the back of the book, we win.

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