Christians and Homosexuality – Losing with Salt and Light

The Supreme court is expected to rule on whether gay marriage will be made the law of the land, nationwide, this month.

Whether or not the Supreme Court assumes the right to rewrite God’s natural order in 2015 or not, this will happen eventually. Romans Chapter 1 presents homosexuality in terms of a societal death spiral, as God turn men over to their own way because of their rebellion against their Creator. Acceptance of homosexuality is the last step in that societal decay, it does not mean homosexuality is a worse sin than others, but its acceptance is a step in the process of man being surrendered to the depravity of his own heart. Barring revival, eventual changes in the laws are inevitable.

As Christians, our job is not to reform society; nor is our Christianity ultimately based on the culture. While we would like to see our religious liberties preserved, our purpose in the world is not to focus on our rights, it is to serve as salt and light. Our job, apologetically, is to make the case not because God needs us to prove that He is right, but so that the world is confronted by the choice in front of them.

Ironically, this is precisely why we should discuss this in terms of religious liberties – it provides an opening for the discussion of the gospel in terms familiar to unbelievers, and more importantly demonstrates the hypocrisy of those who would make a state religion of modern philosophers who want to make compulsory public acceptance in the name of the false god “tolerance” an idol required to be worshiped by all. It demonstrates that unbelievers, in a society that prides itself on its use of reason demonstrates they will use “force” when they have not been able to make their case.

Whatever the Supreme Court decides, then as Christians, we must not only stand firmly on the Word of God on the issue itself, it behooves us to remember that sin is the problem, and Christ is the solution.

Towards that end, I am releasing for free our booklet, Offering Incense to the Emperor on Kindle from June 8th until June 12th. While not intended as a final answer to the question of the Christian response, it is a start in that direction.

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