Celebrating Easter Early – Freebies for the Freed

Ephesians 4:8 in the description of the Resurrection, presents Christ in terms of the conquering general, who both takes captives from among His enemies, and gives gifts to His people, those gifts being the officer’s of the Church (apostles, prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers).

I’ve always found it interesting, therefore, that the time when we give gifts is Christmas rather than Easter, which is my favorite holiday.

It’s been a busy couple of months around the Short household. Truth in the Trenches has been somewhat sporadic of late, largely because, between a new job (on a rotating schedule), taking an entrance exam and interview at Southern Theological Seminary and working to complete the first edition of Towards a Positive Case for Christ, my “notebook” on the evidences for the resurrection and the value of the New Testament sources.

I am pleased, however, to say that Towards a Positive Case for Christ is now completed, and uploaded as a Kindle publication.

There are a lot of defenses being made of the resurrection, and this is the start of a fuller presentation of my own approach.

Because it is Easter, in imitation of my Savior. I’m giving Towards a Positive Case For Christ away for free, beginning Thursday April 2nd through Monday April 6.th

But, to make it a bigger deal, I’m also offering DaVinci, the Templars, and the Jesus Family Tomb for free as well.

While not in the true spirit of the holiday, with the controversy in Indiana and Arkansas, I’ve also opened up Offering Incense to the Emperor for free as well.

Just click on the title(s) you are interested in, and enjoy, I hope it is profitable.

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