Offering Incense to the Emperor – Freedom and Freebies

As you likely know, Indiana and Arkansas are in the news, due to their attention to the matter of protecting religious liberties in their individual states, and they are therefore under attack.

This is a war we will likely lose, Romans 1 makes it very clear that societies are typically in decline, and acceptance of homosexuality is a mark of the end of that decline. Yet, as an apologist, it is not my responsibility to force people to accept Christian truth, it is my responsibility to do my best to make sure their acceptance or rejection is based on an understanding of what God requires of us all. Man’s reception of those truths is ultimately between them and God, who will judge all flesh.

Towards that end, I am releasing my pamphlet, “Offering Incense to the Emperor” for free on Kindle platforms from Thursday April 2nd, 2015 until April 7th 2015 (the full period of free days I am allotted for the quarter).

  1. My argument is a simple one, by applying my exegetical skills to the constitution, under the first and fourteenth amendments, it is unconstitutional for the government to force Christians to recognize homosexual unions in their public lives (this is drawn of course on the explicit rejection of a “living constitution” on the grounds that interpretation focused on something other than original authorial intent is to be dismissed as intellectually dishonest).
  2. The individual states may very well be understood to have the rights therefore to define the relationship between a gay couple and the state, but not between the gay couple and individuals or “closely held business,” (in the modern parlance).
  3. The gay community is ultimately using this unconstitutional use of force in place of argumentation, I further note the two routes the gay agenda could use to argue that Christians should accept homosexuality, and why in both cases, those attempts are unmitigated failures.

As noted, Offering Incense to the Emperor is absolutely free for the next few days, I hope it assists you in explaining why you believe that as Christians we cannot agree with the society in which we live.

I will be announcing other freebies in celebration of Easter soon.

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