Science, Assumptions and Intelligent Design Part 4: The Distinctions (b)

One final point for my comparison of YEC Views with Evolutionary ones, and then I will start wrapping this series up.

Natural selection

Most young earth creationists as well as evolutionists assume natural selection, though they understand it through different means. Young earth Creationists assume the original kinds had a large degree of adaptability that was lost over time due to Speciation (the development of new species) and the result are a number of animals closely related to other animals on other continents. This explains the relative ease of breeding Camels with Llamas for example, despite the fact that, according to evolutionists they must have branched off thousands of years ago.

But while young earth creationists accept natural selection, we aren’t committed to it, Evolutionists are. And because Natural selection is so central to their system, they need to demonstrate it, they haven’t. Survival of the fittest is an interesting axiom, but for the evolutionist to use this as the criteria for understanding the entire diversity of life on the planet, they must of necessity demonstrate it scientifically (or admit their theory really isn’t science). Currently one will find a lot of evolutionists who will say natural selection is self evident – this is a fancy way of saying “we know it isn’t true even if we can’t prove it.”

As a hypothesis, natural selection has no proven predictive power, that is evolutionists have not been able to successfully make predictions based on its assumptions. It would be easy for science to degenerate into an exercise in a logical fallacy known as proving the consequent – in fact, when people say evolution has been proven, they seem to be falling precisely into this error (since technically the scientific method cannot prove anything, it can only falsify it).


There are further statements I could make, I will leave discussions of Flood Geology to the experts at the ICR (institute of Creation Research) while I find their work on the Rate project to be highly valuable, I will let those who are experts explain their findings, they can field criticisms and questions of their theories more aptly than I. Instead, I will stick with the presuppositions, with my training in theology it fits my own area of strengths. To review my case for Young Earth Creationism I will state it here. I could also discuss the evidence that the evolutionists tend to get their metaphysics confused with their science, which I have done in the past, and will do again, but that is for another day.

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