Offering Incense to the Emperor – Free quarterly offering.

The Supreme Court is currently getting ready to hear the case for nationalizing homosexual marriages. This is a deeply important issue, and with the specter of Judicial activism I do not expect that we will win this particular case.

While the politics of Gay Marriage are being discussed, and while many people understand something of where Christians stand (or should stand as some sadly are compromising the faith), the question of why Christians cannot accept homosexual marriage is rarely discussed. Offering Incense to the Emperor is a pamphlet that offers a thumbnail sketch of the issue from a Christian point of view. (While my discussion of the political side of the discussion is inevitably influenced by my own brand of political conservatism, even these positions are drawn from my Baptist roots in many regards).

  • This pamphlet presents a summary of the key passages in the Bible discussing homosexuality, and a summary of the “positive case for Christ.” For the believer, the question is not what does society say, but what does God’s Word say.
  • Discusses the political elements from the standpoint that this is a use of force for Christians to remake the Christian faith itself.
  • I note why this is not actually new, Christians have faced persecution before because they would not offer incense to the Emperor, and this is perhaps a step towards broader discrimination against people of faith.
  • Most importantly this presents the reasons why Christians must uphold the faith, despite what other people say.

Best of all, until Wednesday, Offering Incense to the Emperor is Free for Kindle users.

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