3rd Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

I tried to send this to Senator Paul, unfortunately his site seems to be malfunctioning.

Dr. Paul,

Two years ago I wrote to you about a religious freedoms protection act due to the growing threat faced by Christian business owners accused of discrimination. At that time, you stated that this was an issue that needed to be maintained by the states on the grounds of the tenth amendment. I have a great deal of respect for the constitution, it is perhaps the wisest public document drafted since Moses was the intermediary for God in contracting the Torah with ancient Israel. Yet, the fourteenth amendment clearly gives the congress authority to protect the rights of citizens, and this must of necessity include those found in the bill of rights (including the first amendment).

I acknowledge the legal right (but not the moral authority) for an individual state to make a contract recognizing the relationship between a gay couple and the state itself, but the first amendment (as extended to the states by the fourteenth) clearly limits the right of the state to make a decision for the civil society where religious concerns are involved; the state does not have the authority to use force (even economic force) in a Soviet style attempt to “rehabilitate” Christian business owners.

Dr. Paul, you claim to be a libertarian, but what we are facing is the same use of force against Christians and other people of faith that Ayn Rand warned against in her writings. The first amendment after all is not about the freedom of religious institutions with proper 501C3 government certifications to be free to practice their faith, but for the American people to be free to live according to their own conscience, provided we do not cause harm to another. The Supreme Court appears to be picking up this issue with the same intent of judicial activism that has subverted the constitution on some many other key issues. You have the position and privileges of a United States Senator, but this means that you also bear the responsibility of your office, and will answer to God for how you fulfill those responsibilities, we will all stand before the Bema seat of Christ. I cannot state how history will judge your actions, but I think on the whole the question of how God will judge them is of greater concern. You claim to be a believer, but now is the time to prove your loyalties to Christ as above all other. Esther did not seek to be the savior of her people, but in providence she was there for such were the days she lived in.

The dangers of the actions these states are taking in persecuting Christians is a danger to the civil society itself. Adams once asked if atheists would be fit people for freedom at the outset of the French Revolution, he was soon proved prescient as their atheistic state descended into the great terrors. It is time, Senator to take a stand, I beg you then to push for a religious liberties protection act to protect Christians from being forced to either sin against conscience or be forced out of public life.

This is an open letter and will be posted on my blog, TruthintheTrenches.org.

In Him,
Rev. Kevin R Short

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