The Quartermaster’s Tent – 10-7-14

Change is an inevitable part of life.

Truth in the Trenches recently passed its first birthday, and I’ve been deliberating on how to move the ball of this ministry forward. Marketing this blog is my weakest point, but as in all things, I’m growing.

When I first started Truth in the Trenches I restarted Apologia Fides as a technical companion blog (the main complaint was that the blog was too technical), but that approach is becoming less useful. Instead, I have decided to close that blog, and start moving those articles to Truth in the Trenches, re-running them under a new title, likely something along the line of cases (I’m still working on that precise detail – I’m open to suggestions). I’m also going back and beginning to reclassify the myriad of unclassified articles. In part, that will also give me the ability to further refine these pieces – I’m pleased in general with my work, but I’m never satisfied with the articles I’ve written.

In addition to Truth in the Trenches, I’ve started a second blog, from life to life. Life to life will deal primarily with non-apologetic topics, but it will also rerun my “get in the game” pieces, starting today with “Singing on the mountains, working in the trenches.” In a sense, this is one of the major goals of from Life to Life – to introduce Christians to the work I’m doing in this vital area.

I’m also working on some additional publications; It was suggested that I publish the positive case for Christ several months ago, and I am currently redeveloping those articles, towards a possible future book – there are a number of books in the field already on the accuracy of the New Testament, but there are a few specific areas where I believe we need to add discuss and I am still not satisfied with my own work on the subject. Additionally, I have a pamphlet drawn from the articles “the Tragedy of Compromise,” which is in some ways the beginning of something new: an approach to apologetics I’m calling Evidentiary Presuppositionalism, The point of this approach is to tie discussions of subjects like Evolution into the discussion of the resurrection itself.

Its been a tough couple of months, my schedule at work has changed several times, and I am in the second week of adjusting to another shift change, so this has slowed me down, but Truth in the Trenches is moving forward.

Our prayer requests are as follows:

1. Wisdom – Marketing and networking are admittedly my weak points, if this ministry is to grow, it will grow because God builds it. Additionally, I need wisdom in how to organize what I am doing – I need to balance the time for further research in developing evidentiary presuppositionalism, developing the marketing for Truth in the Trenches and covering laylevel issues.
2. Life to life is a new venture, pray that God would bless it as well.

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