Singing in the Mountaintops, engaging in the trenches.

I work at a job where I am blessed to be able to listen to music while I work. Tonight, while listening to some southern gospel, I found that blessing that I only find in that type of private worship. It was a mountain top experience. I grew up in the Detroit area, but in a church made up largely of southerners (such as my grandparents) who moved north to look for work in the auto industry. Thus southern music makes up a prominent part of my “playlist.” While I love the great hymns of the faith, it is the distinctive harmony of southern gospel music that is the expression of my worship at my highest moments, and that succors me at my lowest points. And like Peter at the mount of transfiguration, I would ask that I could stay on this mountain peak forever.

Yet, like Peter I can’t. Mountaintop experiences – as wonderful as they are – can’t carry me through life. Like all of God’s sheep, I must spend time in the valley where the grass grows.

The purpose of this site is to be an entry level material for Christian casemaking or as it is better known, “Christian apologetics.” In a sense, this is a “get in the game” site for Christians in relationship to answering the objections of the faith. I hope you have a deep devotional life. I hope you have those moments when your heart soars in worship and praise, and you deeply feel the profoundness of the Father’s love for believers. But I also hope you realize we cannot live only in our devotional life. This is why sites like mine are necessary.

Answering the questions of the faith are not merely an aspect of the Christian experience that we might find interesting, it is one that we must engage in. Peter tells us plainly that we are to always be ready to give an answer for those who ask of the blessed hope that lies within us. Yet the nature of the spiritual equipment we use demands thought in how to do this.

When we discuss spiritual warfare, the classic passage is the armor of God discussion in Ephesians. In this discussion, the word of God is described as a sword – the only offensive weapon in the panoply of faith. Swords were important weapons in the Roman world, but the soldier was required to spend an extensive amount of time drilling to use the weapon effectively. Apologetics is a part of the drilling – its about learning to use Truth effectively.

I hope you have a devotional life, but I hope you are engaged in the trenches as well – and paradoxically, if you study some apologetical material, I hope it makes your mountain experiences all the more exhilarating – I can tell you, that has been my experience.

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