Born that way?

The Bible’s position about homosexuality is clear, but how do we answer those who say they “are on the right path” because “they were born that way?”

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    • Intimidation tactics and innuendo, such as this comment embodies, are beneath contempt in any discussion of a civilized society. Scripture in many ways is like a mirror (as James tells us), if we do not like the judgments it makes of our behavior, the problem lies not in the Scriptures but in ourselves. Scriptures tells us our behavior is wrong to point towards our need for Jesus Christ as our Savior, I would urge you to turn to him.

      • What he says is ridiculous and contemptible. I could, seriously answer the “points” he makes, but what he says deserves no more answer than I have given it.

        Turn to Christ, and forsake your homophobia!

      • Amazing how many people claim to be able to answer something in the abstract. Scripture is clear on the point, if you would refute my position, then answer the question of the resurrection of Christ. Boswell and others who have attempted to suggest that homosexuality is not condemned in Scripture are good examples of how not to perform an exegetically careful study of the Scripture.

      • But, they have “performed an exegetically careful study of scripture”, and those who, even now, take the homophobic line have not. Your Joe Dallas has answered nothing, merely obfuscated.

        Your certainty terrifies me. You drive people from Christ. Repent!

      • I’ve read Boswell, it deserves an award for the high number of word study fallacies — he uses about a third of those noted by Carson in Exegetical Fallacies. The Scriptures are self evidently clear on this point – those arguing otherwise require lexical and contextual errors in their assumptions. The term, “Homophobia” is an ad hominum attack based on a logical fallacy (specifically a tautology, similar to the illogical concept of “Sexual orientation”), meant to intimidate people by questioning their motives (which is, of course, impossible barring telepathy). Ad hom argumentation will get you blocked on this site. Your last comment will also be deleted – unless you provide substance you are contributing nothing useful. Scripture is clear – 1 cor 5 and Judges 20 are given as an example.

        Edit and expanded due to original being done on my way into work and on my lunch – cell phones are not good means of posting.

      • Well, apart from homophobia, there is no reason to insist, contrary to the evidence, that the Bible condemns homosexuality.

        As you are incapable of changing from your idiotic view about homosexuality, I am not sure I want to comment here again. I see I can block your blog on my reader, so I do not have to see your inanities again.

        Again: Turn to Christ!

      • You are the ruler of your own petty demesne. Delete away: if you believe homophobic rubbish, that is a far worse offence than merely writing it. If you live twenty years, though, you will either admit you are wrong or be hopelessly outnumbered.

        You are contributing something directly harmful, so mere uselessness would be an improvement.

      • Plainness is sometimes necessary, when reason is answered with diatribe. Romans 1 (which will be discussed on the second of December) indicates that the acceptance of homosexuality is a step in a societies abandonment by God – perhaps one day I will be alone. Yet Jeremiah stood alone in decrying the sins of his day – if I am alone, I am in good company.

        I have warned you previously about personal attacks, and so I have added you to this site’s black list. You are the only person to date who has engaged in name-calling and innuendo without raising a single point that is an example of reasoning or factual discussion. Let this be an illustration of the fact that many gay right’s activists use personal attack as a substitute for factual and rational argumentation, something that is common when ones’ arguments are intellectually vacant. I will at least thank you for informing me of several articles I need to write on this topic, and for the need of a code of conduct for this site. While I am not the master of this site, I am the steward, and it will be run in a way that is both civil and orderly.

        Before I dismiss you completely, I have one office to complete, as a preacher of the gospel. 1 Corinthians 6:11 includes homosexuals among those who are outside the Kingdom of God. The translation is unassailable, Paul is borrowing his language from the Septuagint’s rendition of Leviticus 20:13 (the Septuagint being the Greek translation of the Old Testament that was common in the New Testament era). I cannot speak to the state of any person’s soul, but in identifying yourself with those who are outside of the kingdom of God, you put yourself in a dangerous place. 1 Corinthians also provides hope, Paul reminds them that “such were some of you, but you were washed, but you were justified, but you were sanctified.” Like many of us, perhaps you find the condemnation of Scripture to be uncomfortable – it is hard to kick against the pricks, but if that is the case, instead of resisting the conviction of the Holy Spirit I would suggest that you examine yourself, that you be in the faith, lest you find yourself cast into outer darkness. This is my message, and I am now dusting off my feet.

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